Key Management Group (KMG) is experienced in management of employees and Local Nationals several countries in Europe, Aruba, Curacao, and Puerto Rico. Having local established corporations in these locations, KMG is uniquely qualified to comply with all local labor laws, local payroll management in the respective local currencies. KMG pays payroll to local nationals in the local currencies with applicable tax deductions in a local bank of the country in question. 

Among other services the following are applicable:

  • Provide personnel and human resource services necessary to execute requirements at the client’s sites.
  • Identify, recruit, and hire local national employees for the positions described by the client.
  • KMG will verify that the personnel are qualified and possess the skills necessary to perform the duties associated with the position description.
  • KMG will ensure that the personnel are authorized by the local Commander to work onsite or on base.  
  • KMG will determine the salary for each position based on current local labor rates for these positions and local labor law.
  • KMG will pay the employees every two weeks for work performed in the preceding two week work period.
  • KMG will pay the applicable local employee social premiums for each employee.
  • KMG will withhold the appropriate local monthly wage tax, file monthly wage tax returns, and pay the monthly wage tax to the tax authorities before the 15th day of the following month.
  • KMG will provide copies of each employee’s two week pay statement and the client’s monthly service invoice or Procurement Representative. Client will pay KMG on the 25th day of the month of the current work month so that KMG can pay local nationals’ salaries at the end of the current work month for the month’s work performed.
  • KMG will remove non-performing or disruptive employees, and employees who lose military base access immediately.
  • KMG will perform corrective actions for all identified KMG staffing and human resource services problems and deficiencies IAW timeframes specified by the client’s Procurement Representative.
  • KMG shall comply with all Environmental, Safety and Occupational health requirements mandated by host nation laws.
  • KMG shall carry insurance to cover the cost for replacement or repair of property lost, stolen or damaged through accidents (due to KMG’s fault), criminal acts and natural acts (commonly called acts of God per FAR).  This includes insurance for all employees in accordance with local laws.