Strategic Revenue Management

  • Powerful Revenue Systems
  • Business Planning and Budgeting
  • Revenue Reporting & Forecasting

  • Market Demand Analytics
  • Historical Performance Analytics
  • High/Low Demand Date Management

Move from traditional rate-setting analytics and evolve into strategic multi-market Revenue Maximization. 

Key stands apart in the revenue management discipline with a winning formula for advancing RevPAR Index performance for independent and boutique hotels by combining strategic business planning and ultra-modern revenue management systems with a professional team of revenue specialists proficient with analytical revenue maximization.

Revenue Management Automation System

Connect to our powerful revenue management systems utilizing advanced algorithms to automatically optimize room rates by room type on a 365-day revolving calendar multiple times per day.  Our ultra-modern revenue systems analyze historical trends, demand coefficients, and competitive rate shops, and airlift demand to destinations.  Our team reviews these automated rate recommendations and matches them against high demand/low demand calendar dates amongst other considerations impacting optimum performance.

Revenue Strategy Team

Complementing our revenue systems, our Senior Executives offer the “big picture” strategic revenue vision and budgeting, setting the optimal business mix framework from various market segments in the marketplace.  We evaluate market condition contributions from various segments including BAR, OTA, Consortia, Wholesale, Discount, Package, Corporate, Leisure, Government, Group, Government, and Permanent, and determine the appropriate Sales Mix.  Further segmentation can be defined based on geographic, demographics and consumer behavior with targeted pricing strategies applied.  Further strategic initiatives are uncovered in market related demand drivers.  Supplementing these initiatives, we offer travel partner umbrella agreements, displacement analysis, and length of stay and booking window strategies. 

Key Hotels and Resorts Strategic Revenue Management
Key Hotels and Resorts Strategic Revenue Management
Key Hotels and Resorts Strategic Revenue Management
Key Hotels and Resorts Strategic Revenue Management