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Our hotels gain an important competitive advantage through our proprietary network of travel partner account channels, distributing the hotel’s inventory to untapped international markets, consortia, travel agents, and tour operators.  Then, we consolidate the hotel’s bookings from the hotel’s website, OTAs, bed-banks, tour operators, travel agents, meta-search engines, global distribution systems (GDS), consortia partners, corporate travel sites, group meetings & events, and search engine sites into an easy to manage platform, plugged into the hotel’s property management system.

Global Distribution Systems (GDS) Channel Connectivity

Travel Agents book hotels on one of four global distribution systems.  We connect our hotels seamlessly to all four GDS and portals.  In doing so, we ensure the hotel’s rates and availability, content, and photos are kept up to date, ensuring optimum booking potential. Quarterly audits take place to further safeguard the hotel’s performance on GDS channels.

Key Hotels and Resorts GDS Connectivity
Key Hotels and Resorts GDS Connectivity

Meta-Search Marketing

Sixty-percent of hotel and resort decision making begins at the meta-search stage.  We are one of the few marketing companies tactfully connecting our hotels and resorts’ rates, content and inventory to the top eleven of the major meta-search partners including Google, Trip Advisor, Kayak, Trivago, Wego, SkyScanner, RoomKey, HotelsCombines and more.  Our hotels benefit with increased direct booking performance, up sell revenue generation, and improved brand loyalty.

Meta search marketing

German Travel Market

The German Travel Market continues to be the worldwide leader for international travel. 50M people from this travel segment take long-haul trips annually, with an average length of stay of ten days.  With an estimated 10,000 travel agencies all over Germany, over fifty percent of all bookings are made other than through online booking.  Key Hotels has strong ties with German tour operators including Tui DE, DER, FTI, Alltours, travel agencies, and German-centric OTA sites allowing for distribution from this key European feeder market.Dutch Travel Market

Dutch Travel Market

We connect our hotels to the Dutch market through Dutch-sourced tour operators including Tui NL, Corendon, KLM, travel agents, OTA sites and consortia partners.   We have a very special relationship with our partners capturing the leisure travel market.  80% of Dutch Travel is leisure, consisting of 14M trips annually.   Length of stay for holiday trips skew heavier between November and April.  Summer holiday bookings peak in the 1st quarter of the year.  40% of bookings in 2020 are made online, a growing trend from 20% in 2013. iDEAL is the preferred online payment method in this feeder market. 

Dutch travel market

UK Travel Market

21M travelers will be seeking long haul travel options from this feeder market.  Travel from this lucrative market peaks in summer with over 40% of all travel coming between May and August.  For leisure travel, 50% are seeking beach holiday destinations, 10% seeking City Break, an 15% seeking personal tours.  Family holidays are a firm favorite in this sector.  We connect UK sourced leisure and consortia accounts directly into our hotel’s property management systems for direct bookings. 

Asia Travel Market

Roughly 25% of total worldwide tourism is sourced from the Asian Travel Market, the fastest growing global travel segment. City breaks remain by far the most popular form of outbound travel. While this market continues to rely heavily on the internet for information and bookings, nearly 50% of travelers book their travel via travel agencies.  We offer multi-language communications on booking sites, Asian-centric OTA and tour operator connectivity.   

North America Travel Market

Hotel bookings made on own via online channels and a growing reliance on review sites characterize this travel market.  Trip Advisor commands the attention of this market segment of meta-search options. Nonetheless, 30% of this segment will use a travel agent.   We connect our hotels to leisure tour operators and bed banks from this feeder market, allowing for expansive distribution.